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          OPENING HOURS567cc彩票客户端

          THURSDAY - SUNDAY 4PM - 10PM


          Wensheng District

          Located in the remote town of Exmouth WA, Whalebone Brewing Company is literally beer in a shed.

          Owned and operated by two local families with a love of craft beer who wanted to bring beer back to what it should be; a great, refreshing, true to style brew enjoyed with mates and family in a 'no frills' setting under the stars.

          Complemented with delicious pizza, a kids play area and great tunes by local and travelling musicians, Whalebone Brewery is a place you can kick off your boots (or thongs!) and leave the real world behind.





          AMERICAN AMBER ALE - 5%567cc彩票客户端

          Malty with balanced bitterness and a hint of toffee. Whalebone’s inaugural brew pours a delicious deep amber while the whirlpooled hops give it a full, rich flavour. Whether it’s a scorching summer day or cool winter evening, Amber is the perfect companion for every Ningaloo occasion.

          SESSION ALE - 4.6%567cc彩票客户端

          Aussie barley with a touch of caramalt. Flavoured with a combination of America and Australia’s finest hops. Our Session Ale is a tip of the hat to Exmouth’s American roots and Aussie resilience. With a gentle bite, this is the golden brew to soothe your sunburnt lips and crack the salt crust off your cheeks after a long day on the water.

          WHEAT BIER - 4.6%567cc彩票客户端

          When you feel like swerving off the beaten track, our naturally hazy, German style wheat is what you need. With notes of banana and cloves, this traditional European beer is perfect for nostalgic travellers searching for a taste of home as they explore the rugged beauty of the North West.


          GINGER BEER - 3%567cc彩票客户端

          Chilli, cloves and plenty of gingery malty sweetness. Our Spyhop Ginger is simply not to be missed.

          KRILLER Kölsch - 4.7%567cc彩票客户端

          With a bright golden hue and a light flavour, our Kölsch is a real thirst quencher.  Fermented and then cold conditioned to produce a crisp, lager-ish brew with a subtle hoppiness.  The perfect beer to begin your craft beer journey. 

          The Big Bone I.P.A.- 7%567cc彩票客户端

          Hoppy, crisp and packs a punch. Complex passionfruit, citrus flavours and aromas, and an in-your-face bitterness that’s balanced with pale and Munich malts. Hops are the star of the show here. 


          LIGHTHOUSE Lager - 4.6%567cc彩票客户端

          Light, crisp and VERY easy to drink. Our newest brew is crafted with the Exmouth summer in mind… Made with corn and deliciously smooth, this brew is perfect for drinking ice cold every day. 

          PALE ALE - 5.2%567cc彩票客户端

          An Aussie pale malt with a little caramel to give it a brilliant golden colour.  Lightly hopped for a smooth finish and wonderful fruity nose. Already a favourite with the Whalebone regulars, this is one best enjoyed with mates and a pizza. 

          HELLES YEAH GERMAN LAGER 5.1%567cc彩票客户端

          A fully loaded Pils malt showcase with grainy sweet malt flavour and a soft dry finish. You want a thirst quenching beer? Helles Yeah!




          The wishbone567cc彩票客户端

          Whalebone BBQ Bourbon sauce, fresh capsicum, chicken, ham, red onion and mozzarella.

          THE FLUKE (V)567cc彩票客户端

          tomato sauce, mozzarella, baby spinach, zucchini, roasted peppers, eggplant, portabellos, artichokes, kalamatas, fresh tomatoes, goats cheese and basil (vegan option)

          BEACHED AS 567cc彩票客户端

          tomato sauce, mozzarella, Aussie tiger prawns, pepperoni, fresh tomatoes, basil


          The blubber567cc彩票客户端

          Olive oil, garlic, goats cheese, cracked pepper and mozzarella.


          Whalebone Calves (under 12) $10567cc彩票客户端

          Margheritta, Hawaiian or Harpoon

          MOBY DICK567cc彩票客户端

          tomato sauce, mozzarella, spicy house ground Italian sausage, Margaret River smoked venison chorizo, pepperoni, shaved leg ham, red onions, basil


          DINE IN From $20   / TAKEAWAY +$2567cc彩票客户端

          takeaway ORDERS PH: 0457 447 117 567cc彩票客户端

          THe LOADED BONE567cc彩票客户端

          Tomato sauce, mozarella, spicy Italian sausage, crispy pepperoni. shaved leg ham, capsicum, mushrooms, olives.



          Gluten Free base: +$2


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          27 Patterson Way, Exmouth, Western Australia

          OPENING HOURS567cc彩票客户端

          THURSDAY - SUNDAY 4PM - 10PM

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